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What is Group Coaching? 

Group coaching is a collaborative approach where a group of people come together to achieve their individual goals and personal growth through the benefit of the collective wisdom with guidance and support from the coach. Through structured programs and a supportive community, group coaching enables mutual learning, accountability, and the exploration of specific topics or challenges.​ 

What is Team Coaching? 

Team coaching is a process in which a coach works with a team (a group of people who come together to achieve a specific objective or complete tasks) to enhance their collective performance, collaboration, and effectiveness. The coach helps team members develop their skills, communication, and problem-solving abilities to achieve shared goals. Team coaching focuses on improving teamwork, fostering a positive team culture, resolving conflicts, and maximizing the team's potential. It involves providing guidance, feedback, and support to the team as a whole, rather than focusing solely on individual development. ​

What is the Difference? 

The main difference between group coaching and team coaching lies in their focus and purpose. Group coaching centers around individual growth and development within a group setting, where each person works towards their own goals with the support of the coach and other group members. On the other hand, team coaching is about improving the overall performance and dynamics of a team as a whole. The coach works with the entire team, focusing on enhancing collaboration, communication, and goal achievement for the team as a united entity. Team coaching addresses team-specific challenges to optimize the team's effectiveness and success.

Group Coaching Vs. Team Coaching: When To Use?

Group coaching is an appropriate solution when individuals have individual goals and want to benefit from the support and insights of a group setting. It is great for personal growth, skill development, and learning from others. Group Coaching also offers opportunties for employees to network across the organization. Group coaching can be a more economical coaching approach for an organization wanting to offer coaching to employees (as compared to individual 1:1 coaching). 

On the other hand, team coaching is the right choice when the main focus is improving the overall performance and collaboration of a specific team. It's useful for aligning team members towards shared goals, resolving conflicts, and creating a strong team culture. Team Coaching is especially effective at the start of a major program or project when strong team cohesion is critical to success.



To find out if Group or Team coaching is a good fit for your organization please schedule a free exploratory session to discuss!  

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