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What is Coaching? 


Coaching is defined as “a thought-provoking and creative partnership [inspiring] clients to maximize their personal and professional potential, often unlocking previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity and leadership.”

- International Coaching Federation (ICF)



How I work with you as a coach

I will hold you naturally creative, resourceful and whole. What does this mean? When you’re playing small, I’ll call you on it respectfully and with kindness. When you’re avoiding the issue you came to discuss, I’ll shine a light on it. Why? Because, as your coach, my responsibility is to help you discover YOUR path and act as a catalyst for your personal transformation.

Uncovering our path can get messy.  However, I know you have the creative capacity to find it. You have the internal resources to do the work. Lastly, you have the competence to take the necessary steps to move yourself forward. I will be your cheerleader, your biggest fan, and your life-changing, challenging coach.

How we begin

Coaching is a partnership and a process between client and coach. This relationship requires me to get to know you and you to get to know me. All coaching sessions are 100% confidential and the more honest you can be with me, the more transformative your journey will be. During our first session, we will design our partnership. Next, we will dig into who you are at your core. We’ll uncover what is truly important to you too, what drives your passion, and what drives you crazy.

The typical length for an initial engagement is six months. Some engagements go for three months while others can last a year or more. As the client, you determine the length of our engagement.

What to expect

Each session is roughly 45 minutes except the first session which is a 60-minute Discovery session. We meet via Zoom video conference. During the first one to two sessions, we will establish what the focus of your coaching will be. Prior to our Discovery Session, you will fill out a questionnaire and complete a written exercise. 

At the beginning of each regular session, you will bring a topic for coaching. If no topic is immediately present we will spend time exploring what is coming up for you. During your sessions, I will ask a lot of questions. A lot. My job is to help you find the answers for yourself.

I will make requests of you to deepen your learning. At times I will challenge you to do more than you had ever dreamed possible to help forward the action. I may assign homework for you to consider between sessions. Many clients say their “a-ha” moments come between coaching sessions, not necessarily during the sessions themselves. 


At times it may feel as if we’ve strayed far from the “goal” but coaching addresses the whole person. Professional life impacts personal life and personal life impacts professional life.  They can’t be separated.

Conscious completion

When we reach the end of our engagement, our last session will focus on completing our work together and setting you up for success. At that time, you can decide if you’d like to continue our coaching relationship to work on other areas of your life, continue working on the same area, or take a break and let the work we’ve just completed marinate. It is completely your choice. 

Let's Work Together

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