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What people are saying:


"Highlighted tons of relevant areas for improvement and normalized the gap and anxiety you feel when you have a new role and responsibilities." 

"Very engaging and fun. Perfect amount of content and engagement." 

"The entire conference could have been just you talking and I would have been glued to my seat. Thank you for your perspective, advice, and suggestions."

"Interactive insights into building leadership capabilities!"

"Good self-reflection opportunity."

"Effective and informational."

"Relevant to everyone."


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Hire me to speak or moderate at your next offsite event, conference, or leadership program.

Interactive & Inspiring Talks

Looking for a speaker who not only inspires and motivates but also engages and interacts with your audience?


You've found the right person in me, Janice Lichtenwaldt. I am an experienced speaker, executive leadership coach, and expert in helping others to build their leadership capacity. 

My talks are not just about delivering a message, but also about creating an immersive and interactive experience for your audience. I believe that people learn best by doing, and that's why I incorporate interactive activities, group discussions, and Q&A sessions into my presentations. This allows your audience to not only learn about the importance of building leadership capacity but also to actively participate in the learning process.

As a speaker, I am passionate about connecting with my audience and creating a space for open and honest communication. Whether you're looking to inspire your team to take on new challenges or to develop your own leadership skills, I will work with you to tailor my talk to meet your specific needs and goals.


So if you're looking for a speaker who not only delivers a powerful message but also engages and interacts with your audience, look no further!


Let's work together to create an unforgettable experience for your audience and help them take their leadership to the next level.

Engaging Moderation for panels and events



What people are saying:


"Looking for a fun and engaging moderator for your event? Hire Janice Lichtenwaldt! Janice has moderated panels for my event (Women In Tech Regatta) for the past six years. She's a master of panel discussions ensuring all voices are heard and keeps things fun and moving along. Don't settle for a boring moderator, choose Janice and get ready for an amazing event!"

Melody Biringer, Women In Tech Regatta & Crave Founder

"Organizing an event with over 100 speakers can be a lot to juggle. Every time Janice is onsite I breathe a sigh of relief. She is punctual (usually early), thoroughly prepared, and takes the time to get to know each panelist ensuring a personalized experience for our speakers. She gracefully pivots in high pressure situations and displays engaging confidence. Finally, she has a talent for capturing the zeitgeist and weaving it into the discussion, making for a lively and engaging experience for all. I know that when Janice is around I don’t have to worry. That is the best compliment I can give." 

Lilla Kovacs, Event Producer 

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