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Join the ranks of professional coaches across the globe and feel confident in your ability to provide high quality service to your clients. 

Coaching is a noble profession where serious practitioners pursue certification to ensure a professional level of service. A certified coach is equipped to serve clients effectively with wide-ranging skill and rigor. Coaches are also keenly aware of the boundaries between therapy and coaching and can recognize when to refer a client or potential client to more qualified health care professionals. 


Becoming a certified coach requires dedication, discipline, and a desire to continuously learn. The certification process is an intense period of time for new coaches. There are so many skills to practice, lessons to learn, powerful questions to remember! And it is worth every second. 


I will enthusiastically shepherd you through your certification process. I will model what a professional coaching engagement looks like from contracting to building an alliance, illustrating the arc of a session to engagement completion.

You are welcome to choose from one of two pre-set packages (described below) or set up an ad-hoc program that better suits your individual needs. Please schedule a free 30-minute Exploratory Session to see if we might be a good fit. 

Co Package: $4,500

  • 60-minute Discovery Session

  • 5 hours Coaching

  • 45-min Sample Session Review

  • 2 30-min Successful CPCC Oral Exam Prep sessions

Active Package: $8,000

  • 60-minute Discovery Session

  • 11 hours Coaching

  • 60-min Sample Session Review

  • 2 45-min Successful CPCC Oral Exam Prep sessions

Let's Work Together

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